Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My answer to repetitive winter weather

Winter weather is outdoing itself in New England, and I have grown beyond weary with its machinations. Supposedly, we're about to get hit with another four to six inches of snow over night. While I have several meetings scheduled for tomorrow, I refuse to fight snow and traffic to go into the office. The commute normally takes me an hour. In bad, and I mean ghastly, weather it could take me nearly twice as long. My back issues make it difficult to handle a car ride of much more than an hour. So, if things look gnarly tomorrow morning, I plan to opt out of my work day.

What shall I do on my day off, assuming that I have one tomorrow?

I am seven months behind in reconciling my checking account, so maybe that should take priority? After that, I'd like to make a Valentine card for my husband. Then, well, then I have a boatload of TiVo programs queued up that are simply calling to me.

Yes, yes. I KNOW that the unreconciled checking account is a bit irresponsible. I typically keep a float of a few hundred dollars in my account to cover any overlooked expenses when I update Quicken at the end of each week (which I am quite religious about, thank you). So, it's probably not all THAT bad. Still, it would be good to be more certain of the status of my checking account, rather than relying on a general state of suspected comfort.

Another one of my personal goals has to do with music. I am organizing an 'oldies' party at my church. And, since I have a pretty obscene music collection, I've been enjoying accumulating a playlist for the evening that encompasses hits from the fifties through the eighties. Pulling the music together will probably more fun for me than the actual party, which a number of people are already really stoked for (there will be costume and trivia contests, involving gift certificates to Newbury Comics).

So, I'm trying to look on the 'bright side' of the potential for bad weather tomorrow. Heck, I'm almost rooting for it to suck in the morning.

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