Sunday, February 17, 2008

Potential consolation prize

Since it has been over two weeks since I interviewed for the job at the hospital, without a word, I think assuming the worse is appropriate. I'm trying to be somewhat stoic about it. Maybe I wasn't really ready for that job. There are tiny signs of slow change with my current job. Since my boss left, a lot of people are coming to me directly and seem to value my opinion. My former boss's boss, Ron, listens to me more than anyone else on my team for one thing. And, I am the only one that has the balls to tease him. (He is a very dry sort, but I can usually get a chuckle out of him without too much effort.) So, I'm prepared to slog on in my current role.

As a side benefit, the hospital job would have meant a significant pay cut. As a back-pocket-consolation, I promised myself a $400 gadget if I didn't get the job. I will wait until I get the official 'kiss off' notice from them, but I am now starting to look forward to my consolation prize: a piece of stereo equipment that allows you to copy vinyl albums and cassette tapes to CDs. It is a bit over priced, but I can make great use of it. I still have about 100 vinyl albums, which I never play due to inconvenience. Plus, I have several dozen actual books-on-tape that are not available as CDs. Since I no longer have a tape player in my car, the chances of me actually listening to those tapes is pretty slim. Enter the Crosley Songwriter CR248PA Turntable/CD Recorder.

Highly self-indulgent? You bet!

Presidents' Day is traditionally the day that I do our income taxes. We typically get at least $1000 back. If that's the case again this year, I know how I'll be paying for this little gift to myself. My husband is on board with the splurge. It's nice when one's spouse is tolerant of one's financial whims. Of course, I guess he can't say too much about me spending $400 on audio equipment. That's less than what he typically invests in a Japanese sword, which needs work. He buys them for $300-$700 when they are in less-than-optimum shape. He then takes great pleasure in restoring them. Once every year or two, he sells ones that he has refinished. He usually gets the money he puts into them back, and maybe $100 more. For him, it's not about making money, it's the enjoyment of the restoration process.

Me? I love my music and audio programs - particularly during my hour-long drive to work each day. So, I guess the Crosley is a fair investment when you take that into consideration.

Remember: Man is not a rational animal. Man is a rationalizing animal.


briwei said...

Sorry to hear the almost news. I'm assuming that you tried to ping them yourself to see what is going on.

And the consolation prize is always a good thing. You may want to do a little research into reviews on that guy though. A while back I looked into that exact model and people complained about the recording quality. It may have improved since then, but check first. I'd hate for you to pay a premium because it looked cool and have it not live up to your expectations.

barbie2be said...

i had the last of 14 interviews on friday and am now in the hurry up and wait mode. :( i am hoping for positive news since it appeared i was the only one they interviewed.

i wish i could justify a nice little present for myself... if i could it would be a shiny new pink video iPod nano. i have a friend that works at apple so i would even get a discount on it.

Summer said...

I'll still hold out some hope for the new job but in the mean time you deserve your gadget regardless if you do or don't get the job. Treat yourself, life is short.