Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The news is in

Looks like I can start shopping for my consolation prize. I just got the email telling me that the hospital went with another candidate. I'll get over it, but I am pretty bummed right now.

C'est la vie. I still plan to make the best of the boat that I am in currently, including going after my CISSP.


Cobwebs said...


My sympathies. But maybe there's something better waiting in the wings.

Hey, at least you get a cool new toy.

barbie2be said...

bummer. i'm sorry. :(

Summer said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the job but at least things seem to be looking up somewhat in your present position. Just wondering why you have to pay Mass. taxes if you don't live there?

Kitten Herder said...

Ah, the Mass tax dilemma. Most of the states around Mass. have sub-optimal job markets. Therefore, many out-of-staters cross the line to work in Mass. The theory is, that since we out-of-staters benefit from the use of the Mass. infrastructure we should pay for it by paying income taxes to Mass., where we earn our incomes. It's a very common practice. Most states require out-of-state workers to pay income tax in the state where they earn their income. Typically, the state-of-residence gives those workers a tax credit for those funds, assuming that the state-of-residence has an income tax. I live in NH, where there is no income tax.

So ... PHFT! to MA. But, it is the way things are.

changejunkie said...

Sorry about the job -- but I'm sure the right fit will come along. Getting your CISSP can't hurt.