Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things I am happy about

Considering the week I had (didn't get the hospital job, bad back issues, another crappy snow day, my weight creeping up on me, and the continuing fun of parenting a teenager), I decided to take a page from ToDoList and blog about things that I am happy about.

  1. I have a patient and loving husband
  2. I live with two great cats
  3. Just seventeen more months until I'm vested in my organization's retirement plan
  4. Just fifteen months left until I'm plastic-debt-free
  5. I have a job that I find challenging where I am usually appreciated for my contributions, and where the benefits are pretty darn good
  6. I have an awesome collection of music
  7. I have an great collection of books
  8. I have a great memory for trivia
  9. I love movies
  10. My friendship with BriWei
  11. My other blog-friends (Barbie2Be & Summer, especially)
  12. Keeping in touch with friends from the mid-Atlantic (ChangeJunkie, Cobwebs, and D & S)
  13. Pleasant memories of people who I've parted ways with
  14. No gray hair yet (in my 46th year on Earth)
  15. Listening to audio books
  16. That I enjoy going to the gym every day during the work week. It's not just about burning calories. I also crave the mental change of pace (plus, I listen to audio programs while I'm working out).
  17. My relationship with my half-brother
  18. My relationship with my step-brother and step-father
  19. My relationship with my sister-in-law, K.
  20. I finished my taxes quickly, and I am getting a well-deserved significant refund.
  21. We just started an eight day break from our son (and he from us), by putting him on a plane to TX to visit his grandparents


Summer said...

awwww thanks Kitten, I'm thankful for that also. :)

Cobwebs said...

Awwww...back atcha.

You're one of the few people that I really miss being so far away. I value our friendship, and I'm thrilled that you feel the same.

(I'll quit now before I get all mushy and ruin that Morticia Addams vibe I've been trying to work on.)

briwei said...

Awwww. You're making me blush. I'm pretty glad to have yo as well. Of course, now it just looks like I'm copying you. ;-)

barbie2be said...

thanks! right back atcha! and thanks to briwei for linking to you so i could find you. :)