Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calling all writers looking for inspiration

OK. I know you're out there. Heck, I'm here, so you must be THERE. I'm about to start a writing class in a couple of days. So, it got me thinking. There are tons of writing prompt sites out there. And, I'm sure what I'm proposing is not new. However, if you will play along with me I will be ABSOLUTELY committed.

My friend BriWei and I thought it might be fun to post the beginnings of a story and to see what happened if we opened "what happens next" to each other (or anyone else who wants to play along).

We only ask that you use the prompt and any subsequent comments as your springboard before embellishing the story yourself.

If you want to play, see the initial post entitled The Road to Nowhere. Hopefully, BriWei will have added his contribution before we Hand over the keyboard to you. But, don't wait for him if you're inspired.

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