Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sparkling vampires aside

Does that make up for missing yesterday?

Went to see "Twilight: Eclipse" tonight. No surprises for me since I have read the books. However, I have to say that it'd be pretty easy to be on Team Jacob. My favorite Taylor Lautner line happens 85% of the way through the movie. Bella, Jacob, and Edward are camped out on top of a mountain trying to hide Bella from a vampire army. Bella is about to freeze to death when Edward decides to let Jacob climb in the sleeping bag with Bella to keep her from dying. After Jake climbs in with her, he lays there with his very sculpted chest partially exposed and grinning. He looks at Edward and says something like, "What can I say? I'm hot." Nice double entendre there. While the shape shifters do run pretty hot, Taylor Lautner is VERY HOT looking.

The Twilight series is so totally geared towards young women. The vampires annoy traditional vampire fans because they break a lot of the standards. However, I enjoy the series despite the "vampire" aspect of it. It's a bit shallow and hormonal, but still fun.

Definitely looking forward to Bella's transformation in Breaking Dawn.

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