Thursday, January 26, 2006

The mysteries of lost and found

Whenever I go looking for something, inevitably, I find something else instead. "Oh, that's where that got to!" I sometimes do find what I originally went looking for. But typically only after I've torn the house apart eight ways until Sunday. It's both frustrating and intriguing.

A couple of months ago, I was looking under our bed for something (we have storage boxes under there). That is when I discovered that my seemingly normal cat (no, that is NOT an oxymoron) is actually part squirrel. Beneath the bed he had a stash of chewed up empty Ziploc bags. A couple of them had never had anything in them.

Just before the holidays, I had a paper grocery bag with a bunch of items I was taking to church for some crafting with some friends. Towards the top of the bag was an opened, though relatively full, box of Ziploc bags. From the other room, I heard the sound of the paper bag crinkling. I peered around the corner to see Caboose taking off with the box of Ziploc bags firmly in his mouth, held by the open flap. He started to head upstairs towards my bedroom, but dropped the box as he tried to climb the stairs.

Two weeks ago, I set three small bags of frozen chicken in a large bowl of water in the sink to thaw. I left the room for two minutes and came back to discover only two bags of chicken in the bowl. I immediately yelled for my son to go look under my bed for the missing chicken. Sure enough, Caboose was happily gnawing on the bag of chicken under the bed.

While chicken-stealing makes sense for most cats, the chicken was merely a bonus for Caboose. As I said, he will just as quickly steal an unused bag as one with something in it. He's even taken one with celery in it. Weirdo.


briwei said...

What do you expect from a cat named Caboose? Guess you'll have to cover anything you are tryingto thaw.

changejunkie said...

I love that. Do you remember Gideon? He had made a pyramid of bras and underwear that he had stolen from me. I warned a housesitter about the behaviour, but she didn't believe me until she caught him proudly dragging her bra down the stairs to add to the pile!

Kitten Herder said...

I'd forgotten about Gideon's undie fetish. I remember Lisa telling me that Roxie liked rubbing her face in Lisa's worn pantyhose.