Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year's Resolution redux

Fine. I am the proverbial lemming. On New Year's Day, I decided that I couldn't stand being this overweight any more. My good buddy BriWei recently lost thirty pounds. I am very happy for him, and down right jealous.

I figure I need to lose about (prepare to be horrified) seventy pounds. No, I am NOT exagerating. I'd be thrilled to get under two hundred pounds at this point. I haven't seen that side of the scale in nearly a decade. I came close a few years ago when I did Atkins. However, I couldn't stick with it.

Part of the inspiration for the weight loss is health issues. I am borderline diabetic. My knees and back are chronically agonizing. I also suffer from IBS (if you don't know, don't ask ... ouch and yuck).

Brian did Weight Watchers. But, as he and I have much discussed, I am not a meetings kind of girl. So, I signed up with, mostly for the tracking tools. I could have purchased a computer program, but having a web site that I can enter my food consumption in means that I can keep up from almost anywhere I am (since I am a connected kind of girl ). Also, the periodic fees to are a bit of a guilty incentive to stay with it, at least for the initial 90 day commitment.

I'll post here how I do. Cross your fingers everyone!

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briwei said...

Go, go, go! You can do it! Yay, rah! (Refer to this comment as necessary).