Sunday, January 15, 2006

Not quite check-in time but ... 12 lbs

My check-in weigh-ins are supposed to be on Monday morning (for logging on However, I get on the scale every morning since I am a bit obsessive about the weight loss thing right now. I'm pretty psyched that I've lost 12 pounds in thirteen days. In truth, I'm not even very hungry most of the time. Now, I just have to figure out how to start including that ever-dreaded exercise aspect to my plan. (grin)

I know that I will not continue to lose weight at this rate for long. The body will kick in and ratchet down my metabolism because it'll think that I'm starving, probably. So, that's why I KNOW that I have to fight back by exercising, since exercise pushes your metabolism up.

It's difficult to think about exercise when its grey and cold (and sometimes snowy and icey) outside. Plus, my exercise bike is downstairs in the unheated dingy and cluttered basement.

I've been contemplating joining the nearby YMCA. I just hate committing to that kind of financial outlay. For just me it would be $43/month. However, I'd want to join as a family and that's $63/month. Kiel goes after school one day a week for tennis lessons. However, I think he'd go more if he could. There are often pick-up games of basketball. Plus, I think he would benefit from some strength training (the poor scrawny fellow).

I've been holding off on joining because Ben's been in talks with the YMCA about starting a martial arts class there. If he teaches, we may be able to wrangle a family membership out of the deal. We already have one at Manchester (because of Ben teaches THERE), but that's a twenty plus minute drive each way since we moved. The local YMCA is less than five minutes from our house.

When the weight drop rate slows down, I'll definitely have to do something. And, yes, I know that sooner is better. Not just for my weight loss, but my health.

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briwei said...

The thing about exercising is that it can make you REALLY hungry. Be conscious of that. Some WW people I know were losing less when they exercised because of a tendency to overeat afterward.