Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So far, so good

OK. It's been eight days and I've shed seven pounds. Some would say that the initial weight loss is primarily water weight. Perhaps. But, considering my high sodium intake, I don't know if I'll discount the success that way.

One of the cool things about ediets.com is the food journal. If you religiously track everything you eat (and, so far, I have), you get to see more than just the calories you consume. The daily nutrition summary shows you your overall intake of all the major FDA recommended nutrients and categories. The summaries let me know that I really don't get enough of some nutrients (niacin, thiamin and E). While I usually take a multivitamin, this knowledge led me to reassess my multivitamin. I am now taking GNC's Ultramega Max for Women, plus a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement. I am farily confident that I have the bases covered now.

In addition to embarking on the weight reduction journey, I have severely curtailed my caffene intake. I am down to one diet soda first thing in the morning. Ultimately, I want to do away with the habitual consumption altogether. I do not like that I "need" the stuff. Also, since I should watch my sugar intake, I either have to have a "diet" caffenated beverage or make tea or coffee with some sort of artificial sweetner. With all the dietary reading I've been doing lately (related to my IBS as much as to weight loss), I am not comfortable putting most artificial sweetners into my body. So, I would like to minimize my exposure to them. When given a choice, I am switching to stevia.


briwei said...

Seven lbs?!? Sweet! Keep up the good work.

davewill said...

So you're going into negative weight by the end of the year?? That's sooo cool. Congratulations, seriously. I hope it continues to go well.