Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Describe your perfect day

Just about two years ago, I had the opportunity to discover my 'perfect day'. I didn't quite achieve it, but I got awfully darn close. At that time, I was between jobs (not unemployed, just in a period between jobs where I still had health insurance from my previous job, had money in the bank, and had the least amount of stress I've ever had in my adult life).

Many of you who wander here have your own blogs. So, perhaps that is the best place to respond to this query: Describe your PERFECT day.

My PERFECT day involves the assumption that my house is in perfect order (if it weren't that would nag the crap out of me), that no one has demands on my time that I am not meeting (I'm not taking vacation/sick time from work, and my family is not being neglected by my actions).

My PERFECT day starts with me waking up whenever I am rested, not when the aches and pains of my body insist that I might as well get out of bed, since I won't really enjoy any more time in the sack.

My PERFECT day commences with 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on my stationary recumbent bike while reading something truly engaging.

Next up, I take a long relaxing shower with optimum water pressure at the highest temperature that my skin can comfortably stand.

I dress in some very comfortable clothes, and prepare a simple but satisfying balanced (carbs-protein-fat) breakfast, which I eat while watching some craft-oriented show that I recorded on TiVo.

After breakfast, I load my dishes into the dishwasher and head down to the basement to my craft area. I spend two or three hours 'playing' with some idea that I got from the craft show, or that I already had floating around in my head.

After crafting, I call up Amazon Unbox and select a movie that I've really wanted to watch and rent it. While it downloads, I either take a walk or pop over to the YMCA for a soak in the hot tub.

I then spend an hour online reading email, catching up with blogs and news, and posting to my blog or answering email.

I then prepare myself a wholesome and satisfying lunch, which I consume while watching the movie I ordered from Amazon Unbox.

Afterwards, I water and maintain my container garden.

Then, I have a relaxing cup of tea while reading a magazine article, followed by a perfectly timed and well deserved nap.

After nap time, I rise (at my leisure) take a drive to Barnes and Noble for a browse and a beverage (typically, including a magazine or book that I stumble upon that caught my interest) and a snack.

On the way home, I stop and take some photographs of something amusing or inspiring that catches my eye (with full intent to upload the photos and blog about them). I drive home and spend at least an hour writing for my blog, my private journal, or for some piece of fiction that I've been working on.

After my writing session, I either prepare or order dinner (depending on my mood).

After arranging/making dinner, I settle in for an hour or two's worth of reading while lazily enjoying said dinner, while listening to some enjoyable but not distracting music to accompany my reading.

After I clear away the remains of dinner, I pour myself a night cap and select something from TiVo or Unbox to watch. Afterwards, I prepare myself for bed and slide into an easy and welcome sleep.

Note: This is UTTER fantasy, for SO many reasons. However, I reserve the right to dream, and so should you. Please let me know if you decided to take the challenge and envisioned your perfect day on your blog.


Cobwebs said...

I notice that in your perfect day you're still doing chores. Make your own breakfast? Load the dishwasher? You need to work on your fantasies a little....

Kitten Herder said...

I don't mind making my own food and cleaning up after myself ... In my fantasy, there would be absolutely no other people around. Maybe it would be lovely if elves had prepared my favorite foods for me ahead of time and all I would have to do is reheat it. But, I am not interested in interacting with the elves over the course of my perfect day.

Anonymous said...

I like the concept - and find it interesting how structured your P.D. remains, and how enlightenment themes - craftmanship, reading - course through it. Brava!

(Sadly, I cannot even construct a fantastic perfect day for myself. I need to work on that.)

~ Gemin Blackmoor