Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Medication doesn't change anyone's personality

Grendel has been on ADD meds for little over a week. While, in general, the meds have have helped a great deal, Grendel is still a teenager who is moody and must push the envelope. Also, Grendel's parents are not on meds (though we often wish we were), so we are still the same people with feet-of-clay.

This evening, Grendel and I had a pretty big showdown, the details of which really are beside the point. It just reminded me that the meds have not changed the fact that he is a teenager who needs to test the boundaries put upon him. Also, he pointed out to me that when I have a bad day at work my tolerance for his misdeeds is virtually non-existent.

I apologized for taking my bad day out on him. However, I also pointed out that sometimes Goblin and I take our bad days out on each other. People are imperfect. And, our imperfections do not absolve him for the responsibility for his misdeeds, regardless of our disproportionate response to those misdeeds.

I must confess to my humanity here. Several times during our 'discussion' I considering telling him to pack a few things in a pillow case and get out of my house. He was being a royal jerk, and it was not bringing out the best in me. However, I mostly held my tongue. REALLY!!!

This evening, before the incident, I had a meeting with my book group. We discussed some future potential titles to read and discuss. One that I really pushed for, but was unable to sell, was "The Stolen Child". It's basically a changeling story. I joked around about being the parent of a teenager and how I often wonder if my child had been stolen and replaced with a changeling. Everyone laughed in agreement. However, we opted for some other liteary suggestions.

C'est la vie. I liked the suggestions, and my book group is one of the things that keeps me sane.


Julie said...

Have you read "Scattered Minds"? It's about Adult ADD. It knocked my socks off. I recommend it highly.

barbie2be said...

i think this book sounds really interesting. i might even read it myself.

Kitten Herder said...

Julie - Thanks for the tip. I just ordered the book!

Summer said...

Hang on, this too shall pass and he'll be off on his own one day.