Thursday, June 26, 2008

One more day until vacation

Yesterday, I got saddled with another B.S. project by Confused N. Basically, she's having me write an 11th hour budget proposal, since all of her proposals got shot down. Now, let me point something out here. Prior to becoming our team lead, Confused N had operational responsibilities. Once she took on the management role, she couldn't balance the management responsibilities and the operational stuff. So, the team had to absorb her primary duties, and last week we found out that she was unable to back-up people on vacation (including me). So, vacationers had to find new back-ups and train them at the eleventh hour.

Fine. I get it. Management responsibilities are very taxing for Confused N.

OK. Then why am I (and two other people) finding ourselves writing business cases for Fiscal Year 09 projects? We all have operational responsibilities. She is a manager now. Why are we saddled with her old operational stuff AND managerial stuff that she feels would be better handled by operational staff? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR............

I cannot wait to leave work tomorrow.

I was going to completely tune out while on vacation. However, one of my teammates has a line into H.R. This morning, he told me that one of his H.R. contacts told him about a position that is about to be posted for another group within the organization which could fit me quite well. So, I really want to see it when it gets posted. I want to know if it's the life preserver that I so desperately need.

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Summer said...

Enjoy your much deserved vacation. Hope the inside info on the job posting works out too.