Thursday, June 05, 2008

Her name is Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

I was curious to read that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg had been named to Obama's Vice Presidential Candidate search team. I was PARTICULARLY curious that not one major news feed gave her full correct name.

Chicago Tribune

Yes, I know that she IS a 'Kennedy'. However, when she married she changed her name. Being a 'Kennedy' is not the end of who this woman is. I think that the media should be ashamed of themselves for short-changing this accomplished and intelligent woman, by robbing her of her identity beyond her 'Kennedy' ties.

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Anonymous said...

"Shame"? "Media"?
When did you recently emigrate to America, Ms. Herder-of-Immature-Felines?
Our media mostly exists now to sell itself, and the better vehicle for this goal is the substrate of celebrity. "Schlossberg" is not a celebrity name; neither was "Onassis," and yet re-marriage hardly slowed media coverage of President Kennedy's widow (nor prevented her from internment at Arlington). With John's death, Caroline is the touchstone of the regularly-maintained media fascination with JFK - and her involvement with the Obama campaign only fuels this fascination, so Mrs. Schlossberg cannot be held as an innocent in the enterprise. Without her Kennedy ties, she has no identity as far as the media is concerned.
That stated, the few journalists that may remain in the media - more accurately, their editors - should be more technically accurate in their reporting.

~ Gemin Blackmoor