Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Changes in the wind

I had an interview a couple of weeks ago with M+. I was only moderately interested in the position at the time. I was more intrigued by the potential of working for that particular organization.

Over the last two weeks, a few things have happened at work that have made me reconsider my reluctance to jump for the particular position under discussion with M+. Taking a position with M+ would be an exceptionally smart career move for me. M+ really supports professional development and career growth. There is a great deal of crossover between operations and research. So, even though the position I interviewed for would be in Operations, there would be opportunity to participate on research projects, with an organization that is highly regarded in my field (InfoSec).

M+ called me yesterday and left a message. I returned the call today. They are very interested in bringing me on board. They wanted to know if I was interested in working there after talking to all the folks that I interviewed with. (I said 'Yes') They wanted my minimum salary requirements and asked if they could contact my references. Two of my three references have been contacted in the last 24 hours, and they gave me glowing recommendations (bless their hearts).

I am ready for a change. If this M+ thing doesn't work out, I won't be heart broken. There is change in the wind where I am right now. However, I still see a significant bunch of issues that are being ignored. I've been fighting the good fight for months. Some of what I have put out there is slowly (very slowly) being addressed. Change may come, or it may not. I have carved out a position of some respect, and I have made a name for myself as an agent for positive change. I may be able to affect more change as yet. Staying will not be without potential rewards. It would not be horrible to stay. However ... I really feel that our CIO has little respect for the abilities or knowledge of anyone whom he did not directly hire or promote (usually after a significant round of butt familiarity).

Change is hard. But, maybe, change would be good about now.


changejunkie said...

I hope you made your minimum salary higher than the one you have now. Much luck -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Monkeys in Paris said...

Change is good! But don't expect the command structure at M+ to be much different than where you are now. Bureaucracy is the same no matter which banner flies outside the main building.