Sunday, September 14, 2008

I can do laundry

My husband, Goblin, does the laundry in our house. Last weekend, he somehow got behind so I was shy on some things at the very beginning of the week. He did eventually catch up. This weekend, I decided to take care of the laundry myself.

Understand, Goblin does not like it when I do laundry. He fears pink clothing.

However, I did most of the laundry this weekend, including the folding and putting away (of my own, at any rate - which I do normally accomplish).

Now that I've proven that I can do laundry without screwing it up, perhaps he can refocus his time on the mound of 'honey do' tasks that have long been neglected?

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Summer said...

My husband has gotten better with doing laundry. He will actually do a load himself rather than say, honey, I have no manties left. Be careful, if you do a good job it may become your job permently.