Sunday, September 07, 2008

Disappointing flicks

Other than "The Dark Knight", I think this summer's flicks have been a bust. Last weekend we went to see "Babylon A.D." Nice action. Diverting. Confusing plot and disappointing ending. Friday, we went to see "Bangkok Dangerous". Again, nice action. Reasonable character development for an action flick. Fine flick up until a disappointing ending.

We kind of want to see "Death Race", but expect to be disappointed in that as well. My son, Grendel, wants to go see "Pineapple Express". His parents were not convinced. Who knows though, it could be the winner in the bunch at this point.


Anonymous said...

...depends on the tune....

"Iron Man," to name another sequart film adaption, was quite good, especially considering the lesser-known quality of the subject matter.

The Cage - such a sad, post-Oscar decline - flick is yet another Asian cinema remake; check out the original for a better story.

Vin was sleepwalking in his film, and "Express," while funny to "Grendel's" (I have to use the quotes; I still think of him by his birth name) demographic - it's target - is a little too unnecessarily violent as Method Man/Redman and Cheech & Chong movies go - I suspect that the Apatow Factory was trying to Tarantino the film, but failed.

Summer said...

We saw Death Race on opening night. It was okay, I had a very hard time understanding Jason S. for some reason plus he looked grungy through the whole movie. I'm used to seeing him in the Transporter movies.