Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin is making me ill

I feel like I'm on the verge of becoming a rabid screaming dog on the topic of Sarah Palin. This mindless right-wing shallow reactionary wench has begun campaigning on her own. She claims that Obama will raise taxes, and that she and McCain know how to grow the economy.

Excuse me? Look here, Madame Trailer Trash, ruling over a podunk town in Alaska does not give you the street credibility to claim that you know how to 'grow an economy'. Knowing how to line your own pockets and those of your friends does not give you credibility.

Sadly, many narrow-minded under-educated frightened Americans will buy into your line of bull and think that you and The Fossil will save them from the scary over-educated black man and his free-spending tax-loving Liberal cronies.

Yes, I just spewed a bunch of stereotypical labels. Sadly, politics is, a great deal, about pandering to the quantifiable camps.

In actuality, I don't know if the Ice Bitch is makihng me ill, or if it's just the potential of the shallowness of the election jargon and marketing that's making me want to go live in a cave for the next two months.


changejunkie said...

And McCain has apparently had an unlimited fund of secret knowledge that he was saving for the campaign. He can fix the economy! He knows where Osama is hiding! He can win the war! He's been in Washington for 26 years, and has never shared ANY of this information before... WOW! and Palin, well she is a reformer. She will reform. She won't cooperate with the trooper-gate investigation, but boy will she reform Washington... by lowering the average IQ? adding aerial hunting to the Olympics? banning the teaching of evolution? or maybe her foreign policy experience garnered by actually SEEING Russia from Alaska is what she means? GRRRRRR.... I actually called her a "bitch on wheels" to a car full of teenage boys. She is making me lose my cool.

Cobwebs said...

It's not just you. Caribou Barbie is giving me a case of the screaming fantods too.

Summer said...

I'm afraid people will vote for McCain just because Palin looks like a sexy librarian. Heaven help us if they get into the White House.

Kitten Herder said...

A sexy librarian? Maybe so. OTOH, as a former librarian ... YUCK! :)