Saturday, September 06, 2008

Conventions on my terms

Part of me wanted to watch the DNC and RNC hoopla the last couple of weeks. Things just didn't work out. I have both reasons and excuses for not watching. However, Audible has made it easy for me to play catch up. They have ALL the major speeches from both conventions available for FREE download. I've already lined up most of the DNC speaches. I'll probably pick up at least McCain and Palin's crap as well.

I already told my husband that we should plan on divorcing ourselves from any live radio or commercial television programming until November. (TiVo is a blessing, yet again.) I have no tolerance for the negative campaigning that both sides indulge in any more. A negative campaign ad against the other side can even make me hate my own candidate.

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Anonymous said...

'tis a shame that negative campaigning seems so much more amplified, but as politics long - since the Jefferson campaign, according to my studies - have been attack-oriented in America, I just do my own filtering.

I do not advise to turn off from this last sprint during the campaign, as the attentive prospective voter is the best defense against this white noise.

~ D