Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finally listening to the DNC

I didn't manage to watch either the Democratic or Republican conventions. The greater part of me says, "No great loss". After all, the speeches are highly engineered bits of propaganda to fire people up. However, Audible.com had all the speeches from both conventions available FOR FREE, so I downloaded them to my Sansa MP3 player. I started listening to them today as I rode the shuttle bus between my office and a conference in Cambridge. While I feel somewhat manipulated, I found myself inspired. Thus far I have listened to Michelle Obama, Edward Kennedy, Nancy Pilosi, and Hillary Clinton. Tomorrow, I'll probably get through Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barak Obama and Biden's speaches. Then, I'll start listening to the Red Team's crap. I think I need to hear it to know how they're selling themselves. On my Red Team playlist I have Bush, Lieberman (what a traitor), Laura Bush, and Sarah Palin. Palin's is the third longest recording (at 40 minutes). McCain's is 49 minutes (Obama's is 45 minutes). In the case of McCain and Palin, I have to wonder: how can people who have so little to say take so much time to say it?

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