Sunday, November 16, 2008

Circuit City's days are truly numbered

Circuit City has been in Chapter 11 for a while now. They recently announced plans to clase 155 stores, but may be closing another 150 stores on top of that. I got my weekly sale email from them last night and clicked on a link only to be greeted with the following:

This page was all you could get from the home page of the site for about five hours today. Not good, huh?

Our closest Circuit City is right next door to their nemesis, Best Buy. I wonder if our store will be closing soon. I hope not. I want to get my laptop's memory upgraded before I pass it on to Grendel. We bought it at Circuit City, and we have Fire Dog support through March.

Aside from Circuit City, I think it is a true sign of how much the economy stinks by the number of store closings I am seeing lately. Several furniture stores are going belly up, as well as Linens N Things.

Again, thank you, George W. Bush for taking a booming economy and flushing it down the toilet.

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Summer said...

It's not a good sign when the big box stores are sinking. I'll miss Linens n Things. I like Best Buy better than C.C. Ours here just relocated to a bigger location.