Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary being considered for secretary of state

Anonymous insiders are saying that Senator Clinton is being considered as a potential secretary of state. Somehow, this seems like a poor choice to me. Clinton does not have enough foreign policy experience to do justice to the position. I can understand Obama's desire to reward Clinton with a cabinet position, but this is the wrong one in my opinion. If you want to make her day, give her Health, for crying out loud! Yes, State is more prestigious, but it really isn't her. Also, if we want to change/repair our relationship with other countries we need someone who is known for the strength of position as well as finesse at diplomacy. Again, not Hillary's strong suit in my opinion.

There are plenty of other Democrats out there with better standing for State. Hillary would be a mistake. This could be the first place that Obama and I seriously disagree.

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Monkeys in Paris said...

Yeah, if you want to give SecState to a Clinton, Bill is your choice. He was much beloved over here across the pond.