Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The joys of townhouse living

Over the summer, the neighbors to our immediate north remodeled their kitchen. While we were happy for them, we hated them while the project was going on. When you live in a townhouse, if your neighbors run up and down the stairs you know it. If they are pounding nails, drilling holes, and generally making a racket with the structure of their walls you might as well go over and watch because the sound carries into your house as well.

This week, we think that they are laying new hardwood flooring. All weekend and each evening this week, we have gotten to share the 'pound, pound, pound' of every nail for hours on end. Sunday, we ended up not taking the nap we were planning on because we couldn't fall asleep through all the noise.

Wouldn't it have been the neighborly thing to do, before beginning the project, to sheepishly inform the neighbors to either side of you that you'd probably be making quite a bit of noise for a week or two?


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Cobwebs said...

1) Record all of the noise.

2) Burn a CD.

3) Depending upon your passive/aggressive index, either: a) Put a pair of speakers right outside their door at 2 a.m. and play the CD back at high volume or b) Leave it anonymously in their mailbox along with a note saying that you'd made a mix tape for them out of appreciation for their behavior the past couple weeks.

But maybe that's just me.