Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McCain says Palin didn't hurt presidential bid?

McCain says Palin didn't hurt presidential bid - Yahoo! News


Mr McCain, let me enlighten you. Your shift over the last year or so to the right was mere ice cream underneath the whipped cream and cherry topping that picking Lady Avon Lady as your running mate ended up being. Had you picked a running mate with more centrist appeal, you may have gained one or two percentage points, which might have made the race in a couple of states. Your incredible slide to the right alienated those of us who thought you were a moderate and free-thinking Republican. Then, you picked a frighteningly far-right dominant newbie as a running mate. I don't know that I would have voted for you, but I would have though longer about it.


changejunkie said...

Reason #342 not to vote for McCain -- he can't admit he made a mistake. If he can't see the irreparable harm Palin did to his campaign, he isn't clear-headed enough to be President. And if he does see it, but can't admit it, he doesn't have the character to be president.

Monkeys in Paris said...

Would any candidate admit less than a week after the election that he/she should've picked a different running mate? That would just be tacky. Someday McCain may write (another) memoir and that's where you would see him say "I should've trusted my gut and gone with Lieberman but I let my handlers talk me out of it."

Remember too that the Elder Bush ran with none other than Dan Quayle. And won. Oof!

Kitten Herder said...

MiP is right. It would have been classless to admit the mistake this close to the election. But, we so wanted him to be honest.

If he had run with Leiberman, it probably would have been a MUCH closer election. Heck, he might have won even.