Friday, November 28, 2008

Too many blogs, not too much shopping

I posted date my last post. It's not cheating! It is actually when I posted it... to one of my other blogs. Yes, I have more than one. I had posted to my church book group's blog last, so when I went to post last night I didn't notice that I accidentally posted there when I meant to post here. I only post there once a month, and I almost always end up posting my next post for here over there. Confused yet? No worries. I fixed it.

So, today was officially Black Friday. Last year I foolishly ventured out to an actual mall. Today, I went to a small local computer store to get a laptop memory upgrade. Then, I ventured to a craft store to pick up some presents for our niece who lives in Texas.

The guys at the Showtime Computers said that they had experienced an unusually busy day. I congratulated them. They were surprised. They said that Black Friday is usually quiet for them since most folks frequent the big box stores for the mega sales. I pointed out that Showtime has good prices all the time and excellent service. They thought I was sucking up. I said that I was not, that it was just the truth.

We purchased our last two Wintel computers from them. They build them from the ground up, with no bloatware. We didn't get my Wintel laptop from them, which is part of the reason I think it had performance issues. It came with lots of bloatware initially installed and not enough memory, just 512Mb. It now has 2Gb. I am going to refresh the laptop from its initial recovery disks, rip out the bloatware, and pass it to my son. He plans on using the laptop primarily as a gaming machine. I am not encouraging more gaming, I'm just trying to keep his primary computer clean for school stuff. We'll see how that all works out.

I'm done all my holiday shopping. Now I just have to do my holiday shipping, which is just about an equal pain in the neck.

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