Monday, January 07, 2008

Anxious citizen

Living in NH, I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow. It is a privilege to be the first state to hold an actual, voting, Presidential primary every four years. The outcome of our primary often determines the course of the primary season overall.

That said, the REAL reason I am looking forward to tomorrow: PEACE!

This weekend, we had at least seven calls each day on Saturday and Sunday, and four this evening. In addition, we have actually had campaign workers knock on our door three times in the last three days.



Participatory democracy is a privilege. I KNOW! But, I really can't wait until Wednesday morning.


briwei said...

It is a privilege, but I wish it could be a privilege without all the obnoxiousness.

changejunkie said...

I have never actually seen a candidate for office, never having lived in a privileged state with an early primary. I hate the automated calls, but I envy you the access you have to the candidates.