Monday, January 21, 2008

Making Lists

I am a (virtually) compulsive list maker. I have been making lists since I first learned how to write. My favorite, childhood, materialistic, list-making endeavor was making my Christmas wishlist. (I was in love with the Sears Wish Book, and eagerly awaited its arrival out our house each fall.)

Sometimes, I make the same lists twice in the same day, when I don't remember where I left the first version of the list.

I make lists in a vain attempt to organize my chaotic life. Making lists gives me a false sense of control. And, oh, how I like to be in control.

When I got to graduate school and discovered the wonders of databases, I fell in love with that technology. After all, databases are the perfect means for organizing lists (as are spreadsheets, and tables).

Sasha Cagen keeps a blog about her lists. The blog goes beyond the "To Do" aspect of its name. She recently published a book of her favorite lists. As part of her book promotion tour, she's holding List Slams which sound like Beatnick poetry readings for the list-obsessed. Makes me wish I lived in the SF area just to attend one.


briwei said...

She-who-must-not-be-named is a compulsive list maker. She is trying to get me to be one as well. But that wouldn't be a bad thing as I am easily distracted and do not always accomplish what I set out to do.

changejunkie said...

If I don't write it down, it doesn't exist. I can only remember what I set down on paper. So, even though I have a PDA, I still have paper calendar pages printed out and taped to my cabinets in my office. I still have to write everything on the days on the calendar, EVEN though it is also in my PDA, and also in our web calendar at work. I make to do lists all day long. There is nothing so satisfying as crossing off an item on my list, I swear.

barbie2be said...

oh my god, this is awesome. i will keep an eye out for info on the Feb 26th slam and if i go, i will take notes for you. :)

Cobwebs said...

I think it's a left-brain thing; I can't make a move without a list.

I'm so bad that I actually have the layout of the local grocery store memorized, and I make my shopping list so that the items are arranged in that order. And then my husband rolls his eyes at me when I say, "We can't go to a different supermarket! My list won't match!" Clearly I need help.