Thursday, January 10, 2008

Too grumpy not to work

OK. I really wasn't THAT grumpy. With the amount of deliverables on my plate, I didn't feel like I could afford to call in sick again, though I was still exhausted, and my throat felt worse than yesterday. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Last Friday, I got my boss's boss to agree that more senior engineers needed to be trained on the product we are about to deploy before we go live. On Monday, I got and forwarded him a price quote for a local offering of the training. He responded by saying that we would talk about it on Tuesday. Since today was Thursday, and a conversation had not occurred, I cornered him about the topic. He said that he was in the midst of "having conversations" with the manager of the potential trainees; then, he said that these were conversations that he hadn't yet started.


OK. Apparently, I work for a student of George W. Bush Doublespeak.

So, we have a big project status meeting tomorrow, where I will be on the hot seat regarding the TEN issues I presented last week that my boss's boss glibly suggested would be resolved by tomorrow's meeting. And, he will probably still not have done a thing about expanding our support for this product beyond me, at that point. And, NO, of course I haven't resolved TEN issues in a week's time (particularly not after calling in sick yesterday, though that really wasn't a major factor.)

So, follow me for a tiny moment as I indulge in fantasy ... Um, I DO have an ACTUAL interview for the job I applied for on the 27th. Wouldn't it be awesome if that worked out! ... Not only would I be getting the career position that I really wanted, but I could leave with the warm glow of "I told you so" all over me, since no one else is in any position to support this mission-critical enterprise-impacting applicaiton.

Then again, the Fates love to toy with people. It would be so like Them to taunt me with exactly what I want at the most satisfying time to get it, and then to not let it work out. (Example, getting offered the job for a salary that I cannot possibly take, though I've already said I'd be willing to take a 20% cut on the change.)

Stay tuned!

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changejunkie said...

much luck on the interview!!