Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where did you think you would be now when you were 25?

Continuing a meme from Barbie2be's site: Name five things in your life now that you would not have imagined when you were 25.

Where was my little brain 20 years ago, anyway?

  1. When I turned 25, I swore I saw no reason to be married. The following year I started dating my current husband. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary.

  2. I never would have imagined that I'd be happily living in NH. I'd just returned to the greater DC area after being exiled (IMO) to Philadelphia for graduate school. I couldn't wait to get back 'home'. There had been so much that I had missed about the area when I was gone. However, after we got married, my husband and I started weighing the benefits of the area against the frustrations. We decided to remake our life in NH. While not without its own frustrations, NH suits us on many important levels.

  3. Like Barbie2be, I never imagined that my mom wouldn't be around now. She passed away over ten years ago. I know she's annoyed that she was not able to fully enjoy the show of me parenting a teenager. I think she really wanted to sit back and see my misdeeds revisited back upon myself. (Mom: He's not as bad as I was ... yet)

  4. Again, like Barbie2be, I don't think I would have pictured myself as the perpetual student. After I earn my current (second) B.S. degree, I'm thinking of going for a second Masters degree (either in Public Health or Health Care Administration). Neither of which would have occurred to me at the age of 25.

  5. TiVo. While the technology is not that huge of a stretch beyond my VCR from 1987, I never envisioned the convenience and addictive nature of being able to 'shop' for TV shows, or 'subscribe' to them before they aired, so that I would have catalog of things to watch when I felt like watching them. Best invention in the last 25 years, IMO.

What's in YOUR life now that you would never have imagined when you were 25 years old?

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