Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This year's celebration and time for resolutions

On New Year's Day, we enjoy the last of our holiday food splurging. This year, we bought steamed lobsters. B got three one and a half to two pound crustaceans. The boys cut through theirs quickly. I started with the tough to reach enjoyment of the small legs and worked my way through all that to the tail and claws. It was wonderful. I actually ended up full, which almost never happens when eating a lobster. My salad is still sitting on the dining room table for whenever, if ever, I catch a second wind this evening. I also made dinner rolls, from scratch (you know ... with yeast and flour). I'm sure I've put on three to five pounds in the last week. Tomorrow, the payback begins!

While part of me finds New Year's resolutions to be trite and pointless, I am in the mood for some 'life improvement'. The following is my list of good intentions for the New Year:

  • Apply for a passport (No, I've never had one; and, my brother is moving to Paris for three years. So, now is the time.)
  • Write in my actual paper journal every day, even if the entry is perfunctory.
  • Eat yogurt every day.
  • Give up white (fiber-less/processed) carbohydrates.
  • Make every other day a near-vegan day (yogurt being the only animal product allowed).
  • Don't shovel snow unless there is no one else in the house and it is critical for you to go out.

And here's the toughest one of all:

  • Be kinder to myself. (I am my biggest critic.)

Let's see how long it takes me to break down on these.

Anyone else giving into the tradition of making a list of annoying directives governing one's own behavior?


briwei said...

Not me, but good for you! I can't get behind the idea of change just because the calendar has turned. I think your resolutions are pretty good, though.

I am curious about the vegan one, though.

Kitten Herder said...

Ah, the vegan one ...

I love eating meat. I REALLY do. However, I intellectually understand that commercially raised meats are full of hormones that are bad for me. I also appreciate that most animal fats have a negative impact on my overall health. In addition, I also understand the hugely negative environmental impact that raising meat commercially creates.

Since I cannot fathom giving up meat completely, I decided to go for a compromise, at least initially, where I would commit to eating less animal products.

I also hope to be able to purchase organically raised animal products (including grass-fed beef) whenever feasible. I don't plan on going overboard on this (no evangelism, for sure). It's just something that I feel that I can do to improve my own life, and maybe do a small part in improving the planet.

barbie2be said...

oh, thanks for the reminder... my passport expires in may so i need to get it renewed.

i am a complete carnivore. i am trying to stop eating so much crap so i have a new rule for this year. i can eat as much as i want at work of whatever comes out of my little pink playmate cooler. and i have stocked it with fresh fruit, celery, carrots, snap peas, cheese, and meat. it's working so far. yesterday i had an english muffin, a banana, some pineapple, some salami, and a slew of veggies. i only made one trip to the dreaded candy bowl in the lobby for a tiny toostie roll and a fun size hershey bar!!