Sunday, January 06, 2008

Death of a heroine

I missed posting a heroine last Sunday. And, since it's kind of late, this posting will be much shorter than I would like it to be.

I long admired Benazir Bhutto for her leadership of Pakistan during troubled times. She unsuccessfully attempted to improve the status of women in Pakistan. During her reign as Prime Minister of Pakistan, she and her husband were accused of corruption and were forced into exile. Perhaps the charges had some merit. However, I'm certain that Musharraf's government would fail similar scrutiny. Finally, she bravely returned to Pakistan several months ago to campaign for reform and a return to democracy, though her life was threatened. She escaped an assassination attempt in October, only to be killed by a suicidal extremist in late December.

Politicians are not saints. However, some do try to bring positive change to their countries regardless of who it angers.

In the Muslim world, such an outspoken woman is a hero in my book.

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