Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cell phone intelligence, and lack there of

When I am home, I typically pay no attention to my cell phone. The folks at my office have a tendency to call my cell phone. If I have an emergency, and am unable to reach someone by one contact number, I will try other numbers that I have for them.

On Saturday, two different individuals tried to reach me via my cell phone for two different issues. Both left messages on my cell. Neither tried to reach me via my land line. This evening, someone else from the office called my cell, but left no message. The house phone did not ring this time either. At the time of each of the three calls, I was home. I am guessing that none of these calls qualified as emergencies for the individuals callling. If that was the case, why disturb someone on a weekend? Or maybe, people just don't think things through when they're in the throes of their version of an emergency.

The only reason I uncovered the phone calls at all was that I decided to take my phone out of my purse and charge it. That's when I saw the missed calls and message notifications. So, I dutifully checked into the issues described in the voice mail messages, called the office, and subtly suggested that folks use my home number if I don't answer my phone.


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briwei said...

Ah, yes. The lovely cell phone. It's amazing the number of people that call you for little to no good reason. Karma has my cell number. I still remember a call at the Long Beach Aquarium when I was out with my sister visiting from out of town. She and the I.T. guy couldn't figure out why they couldn't connect to a dynamically addressed system that they had moved from one network to another while leaving static host entries in place.