Monday, February 06, 2006

More phone calls

So, I returned my mysterious phone call from Friday. Ended up having to leave a message. He in turn called me back at the very end of the day asking to schedule a real call tomorrow. And, yes, the call was about a job. So, tomorrow we'll talk about the position, and if I might be a good fit (if the salary is close to interesting, and if I could possibly stand the commute).

Now, for more strange phone calls. There was a voice mail message for me from about 4pm this afternoon. Someone calling from Perceptive Informatics, also wanting to talk to me about a few open positions there. The company also works with health care. One of their offices is in Lowell, Massachusetts, right across the street from where I currently work. I'll be calling them back tomorrow.

My former boss tried to give me some encouraging words in December after he resigned. He told me that he had heard that the job market was slated to pick up first quarter of this year. I figured he was talking out of his hat, just trying to make me feel better as it were. Maybe he heard right, or maybe it was a lucky guess. Or maybe, these two calls were a complete fluke.

Stay tuned to: "As The Career Go Round Turns"

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changejunkie said...

It really does look like the market for IT is picking up. I am seeing many more openings than even 3-4 months ago. The only thing I don't see is any hint what direction salaries are going in. Good luck and post an update....