Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy 50th!

I've been wanting to post something for the last few days, but I had a miasma of topics swirling about in my mind.

While it seems pretty innocuous, I thought about saying something about the weather. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, New England suffered through some freakish wind for the last few days. Gusts were hurricane force. Thousands are without power, and several people have been killed. I hate driving in high winds. It feels like I'm going to lose control of the car when one of the massive gusts slaps into me.

The topic most on my mind is my job hunt and the insanity at my current place of employment. However, since I have yet to aquire other employment, I would rather not delve too much into what's going on where I am now. Once I have moved on I may post the highly ridiculous and somewhat horrifying Dilbertesque tales here.

I do have a job interview with an employer on Tuesday, and also with a headhunter. The later is down in Boston again. However, I made it clear to the headhunter what my geographic limitations are. I am willing to go into Boston. However, I will only consider positions that are within walking distance of the commuter rail line. I will not be changing from the commuter rail to a subway. Fortunately, there appear to be a fair number of employers within a quarter mile of North Station in Boston. So, we'll see where that stipulation leads.

I have had a lot on my plate lately, some of which I will elaborate upon in future entries:

  • Current School: Homework, Quiz, and Midterm all due within a week's time.
  • Next quarter school: Finally wrote my application essay. Now, I have to hurry and register for the class that starts the same day that the current one officially ends (at a completely different college).
  • Taxes: Just about done. Need to wait until next weekend to file. Should be getting enough money back to pay for school for the next two quarters, at least.
  • Church: March newsletter entry due this past Friday, which I missed but was awarded 'grace' (truly saying something in a Unitarian Universalist church). Still haven't finished converting the February newsletter for the web. Guess I'm going to UU Hell.
  • Job hunt: Need to fill out application forms for both this week's interviews within the next 24 hours. Also, need to devote a huge chunk of time preparing for Tuesday's interview so I can justify them breaking the salary ceiling they had on the position before finding out my bottom line.
  • Weight loss: "Patience is a virtue." Rinse. Repeat.
  • Are the Olympics over so I can return to my normal NBC programs?

And, as to the title of this post: This is my FIFTIETH BLOG ENTRY!

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