Friday, February 24, 2006

I want a REAL day off

I've found myself looking forward to my April vacation, and being rather impatient about it. The way I figure it, I haven't had any REAL time off in more than a year. While I was "on vacation" over Xmoose, I worked some nearly every day. I was "on vacation" last summer for a week, buying/selling/moving houses. Prior to that, I don't recall the last "vacation" I had. Xmoose 2004 I was sick as a dog for the entire 10 day spell. No wonder I'm about to go postal.

I am a single point of failure for my current job responsibilities. I have a "back up" person, but he struggles with my duties. If I don't come in, the work piles up until I return, since my responsibilities are directly tied into the daily operation of the business. Not a good thing. While I truly disliked being at the beck and call of customers 8+ hours every day, and then being on call one out of every four to five weeks, this situation leaves its own putrid taste in my mouth.

This is a MAJOR contributing factor into my increasingly desperate search for alternative employment.

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