Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dilemma resolved

Today was the day of my interview down in Boston. The trek in wasn't so bad. It was two hours, but it was mild enough. Then again, it was not during rush hour. I was quite conscious of that upon my arrival. Plus, I discovered that the closest Green Line train to DFCI wasn't the one that picked up at North Station. I would have to switch Green Line trains half way into my subway ride.

The interview went pretty well. The people I met with were very laid back and fun. I didn't have a 100% of the skills they were looking for, but they seemed satisfied that I had the critical ones (I think). We all talked about the commute and how that would be tough, but that there could be some flexibility in scheduling and potentially some telecommuting.

I also had a good time with a couple of the staff at the end of the interview talking with them about how they might be able to resolve a network failover issue they are having. They said that it wasn't really part of the interview, but asked me if I would mind. I said it'd be fine. We played around on the whiteboard. I loved it. I actually felt confident and useful.

Unfortunately, the ride home was reality. I hit North Station just after 4pm. Crowded train. Very little space to myself. Studying would be difficult. Then, I hit Lowell at the height of traffic there (around 5:30). So, the commute home actually took two hours and ten minutes.

So, while the position would entail lots of cool stuff and would challenge me, I just can't see inflicting the commute on myself, or the effective-irritable-me on my family. I plan to email my contacts at DFCI tomorrow to let them know to take me out of consideration. Major bummer.

Before I left this morning, I did apply for a couple of jobs in NH. They probably won't pay so well, but maybe they'll pay just enough that I can afford the cut. So, I guess the saga continues...

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