Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Great White North

We got about a foot of snow today. The nice thing about where we live now is that we really only have to dig out our cars. In our last house, we had a one hundred twenty foot long drive way to clear off. So, I guess this is an improvement. I still despise the stuff. But, no, I am not moving south. Thanks for asking.

I did get a nice chuckle out of this storm. Turns out that while we got a foot, Columbia, MD, where we used to live, got twenty one inches!!!

See. That's why I'm staying here. (grin)

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changejunkie said...

We got about 17 inches in Baltimore. I was consoling myself that it least my friends to the North got it worse. Thanks for shattering my illusion.

Seriously, it was truly beautiful. The timing was bad, from my perspective, as it snowed on a Saturday/Sunday. This means that while school closed today, work was on a regular schedule. Really, they should shut down everything when they shut down the schools, just for me!