Sunday, February 05, 2006

Unexpected issue by switching to VoIP

While I have said previously that I am not a big television watcher, remember that I do ocassionally (still) like to watch. The way I manage my viewing habits is via TiVo. I watch only what I really want to watch and when I want to watch.

The one thing I neglected in my quest to rid myself of the archaic land-based telephone line is that TiVo updates its programming over the telephone. Yes, it is capable of being connected to a home network, so it can update itself over the Internet. However, I am an Acolyte of the Cult of Procrastination. Though I am also High Priestess of the Obsessive Impulsive, as witness of the fact that I just picked up and

Now, I must bite the bullet and network my TiVo. This is not a bad thing. I just hate undertaking projects "because I have to". I considered and dismissed implementing wireless networking as an option. We live in a condo complex, and there are several wireless networks that my work laptop sees when I hardwire connect it at home. I haven't been inspired enough to learn how to properly secure a wireless network, and I refuse to do THAT under fire. So, we are running ethernet from the front of the second floor to the rear of the first floor, via the basement since the TiVo unit is installed on the far side of a fireplace.

The most entertaining aspect of this undertaking (and there have been several, mind you), is that TiVo only lists two "TiVo tested and certified" wired USB-ethernet devices. One involves cracking the TiVo case (something I am NOT about to do), and the other is a USB 2.0 device that they currently only support an older and unavailable version of. They say that they plan to support the new version with a "soon to be released" beta version of their OS, and that anyone who orders the adapter from them will be notified as soon as the beta OS is available. Hrm.

There are about ten other devices that they list as "not tested, but reported to work". Comforting thought, no? So, I ordered one of those today from Amazon, to be delivered on Tuesday.

Stay tuned, if you have a compatible device.

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