Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feeling alien

A few mornings ago, the drive to work suddenly seemed very surreal. The sky was dark gray. The air was saturated with a mixture of fog, mist, and drizzle. As I looked to the sides of the road to get my bearings, on a road that I'd traveled hundreds of times before, it felt as if I was in a new and unfamiliar place. Maybe I had zoned out for a few minutes. Maybe it was the quality of the light. It just felt very "other". The feeling passed. However, I recognized it. Where was I? How did I get there?

This feeling has snuck up on me before in many an innocuous situation. In a meeting. At the grocery store. Lying in bed. Talking to people I know very well. Who are you? Why am I talking to you? This seems so unreal and unimportant.

A similar feeling strikes me when I am witness to the stupidity of others. I start to think that I must be a different species from most of the "humans" walking around on this planet performing such idiotic actions. Quite arrogant. But wouldn't it be funny if it turned out to be true? You know. One day someone from the home planet comes to gather up the few changelings left on Earth. "Time to go home?" "Home?" "Yes. We sent OUR inferior specimens here to Earth, where we knew they would excel. However, no one that's left on the home world will stoop to working at the fast food joints, so you schmucks have to come home."

That would be the way of it. So, I think I'll just stay here where I can feel safely superior. (grin)

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briwei said...

I've felt that way before. Usually when I zone out driving. All of a sudden, nothing looks familiar, even though I've driven the road a million times.