Monday, July 10, 2006

The Detox Plan

Since my time is my own for the next two weeks, I decided that now would be the perfect time to try a detox regime to improve my health and jump start my weight loss. I picked up a seven day detox kit from GNC, which includes morning and evening supplements, pribiotics, and fiber. I had some issues with the diet included in the kit. Mostly, the glycemic load of some of the meals was too high, and it incorporated some foods that I had planned to swear off as part of my UltraMetabolism plan.

UltraMetabolism includes an initial detox phase. However, I found that plan to be a bit gentle to begin with. So, I've decided to do a 48 hour juice-fasting-based detox as outlined in Michael van Straten's Super Detox. If you are interested in detoxing, the book offers several approaches with a variety of goals (improved health, weight loss, increased energy, skin radiance). The book also contains an extensive repitoire of healthful recipes. I probably will be incorporating some of these into my overall UltaMetabolism plan.

Van Straten recommends avoiding strenuous exercise while on a detox. However, since today is day one, I did my 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I figured it would kick start my detox to sweat out some junk this morning. I probably won't do it tomorrow morning though. If I am feeling up to it, I may go to the YMCA tomorrow evening and do a stint in the sauna, followed by a cold shower, and then the hot tub. If I am feeling too lethargic, I may hold off until Wednesday or Thursday, at which point in time I will be eating some fresh wholesome foods again.

I found it kind of ironic this morning that I stumbled on an infomercial for a weight loss program that is VERY similar in philosophy to UltraMetabolism. The program is called Body Victory. The spokesperson (and perhaps the designer) of the program is actress Marilu Henner. In addition to the regular written guides that most weight loss programs include, her program package includes audio recordings that are supposed to encourage the participant. The initial program covers the first 21 days. Like UltraMetabolism, Body Victory focuses on a whole foods mind set, instead of a 'diet'. The program focuses on the first 21 days, since the designers believe it will take that long to get you to see results that will inspire you and to break yourself of long held poor eating habits, and cravings.

Mind you, I have no plans on purchasing the Body Victory program, though it is only $19.95 (not bad really, considering the materials you get - plus you get access to some online resources as well). However, if switching over to a whole foods lifestyle has an appeal to you, but you think you need some support in doing it, sounds like Body Victory might be a good choice.

Anyway, I need to finish my Ginger Tea (made with real ginger - spicy!) and get going with my day.

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