Sunday, July 16, 2006

So this is relaxation

I have been on virtual vacation for just over a week now. In the course of this week I have:

  1. Changed my diet, and lost five pounds.
  2. Bought jeans that fit my improved form.
  3. Bought a present for my hair stylist for her upcoming nuptuals.
  4. Got my hair cut.
  5. Spontaneously visited a friend, and chatted with her for nearly two hours.
  6. Filed a year's worth of mail and paperwork that was cluttering up my dining room and office.
  7. Filled out a lengthy set of forms related to my new job.
  8. Generally, straightened my house up a bit (though it certainly needs much more).
  9. Took a long drive with my husband to scout out a potential town to retire to.
  10. Watched several movies with my husband.
  11. Watched lots of silly shows that I TiVo'ed.
  12. Rode the exercise bike for 30 minute every day, but one.
  13. Experienced a thermal bed massage.
  14. Attended a professional development webcast.
  15. Read for professional development and recreation.

While the above makes it seem like I've accomplished a great deal, it's not nearly what I had hoped to accomplish during the last nine days. However, I find myself experiencing a strange sensation for me. I think this is what it feels like to be relaxed.

Seven more days of this before I report for my new job. Maybe I can learn a bit from this experience, so that I can relax in small replenishing doses without having to resign from a job. (grin)

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