Thursday, July 13, 2006

A few pounds down, and no headache

So, I've lost about four pounds since Monday. And, I really haven't had any headache issues since I gave up the caffeine (as of Sunday). I only skipped exercising on Tuesday.

Except for a couple of egg whites on Wednesday night, I haven't had any animal products since Sunday either. I'm not really missing it. I thought I would. Then again, I spent about four years as a vegetarian in my early twenties. I don't think I'll be going fully vegetarian after this initial phase of UltraMetablolism. However, I'm pretty sure that pork and I won't be on very friendly terms, since it's very difficult to get a 'free range' 'grass fed' pig. And, all the curing and processing that most pork products go through also disqualify them from my new regime. Bummer. Bacon and ham, I knew you well!

Here's some of the things that I have been eating:

  • Brown rice cakes
  • Hummus
  • Salad greens (endive & spinach primarily)
  • Other raw veggies (cherry tomatoes, red peppers, carrots)
  • Ripe olives
  • Natural salad dressing (the oils congeal in the fridge!)
  • Fresh (mostly organic) fruits (citrus, plums, apples)
  • Raw sunflower seeds
  • Slivered almonds
  • Brocolli
  • Black beans
  • Lite soy milk
  • Organic fruit juices
  • Egg whites (Omega 3 enhanced)

Sounds boring when I list it out like that. However, I've actually been enjoying it. I think the trick was doing the full juice fast on Monday, and the modified juice fast on Tuesday. It made me appreciative of any solid food I got. When I go out, I make sure to take a piece of fruit with me along with some water. I've been very appreciative of both, even looking forward to them while in a store shopping (a few new clothing items, thank you).

What's going to be really tough is I have tentative lunch plans late next week with some former coworkers. I'm hoping I can order a relatively plan salad without any dressing. Maybe I can sneak in a baggie of almonds to toss on it. (grin)

I was thinking today that the last time I tried vegetarianism, is when I ballooned up to as large as I am now. But, I don't think it was the vegetarianism itself that bulked me up. I think that it was the food choices I made as a vegetarian that did it. As a vegetarian, I ate alot at the table of the 'white menace'. Tons of simple, processed, carbohydrates. Also, I was still able to do a fair amount of dairy since my lactose intolerance was just getting a foothold on me back then.

Time will tell, but I really think this one's going to work in my favor.

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