Monday, September 03, 2007

Best weekend of the summer

This is probably the best weekend I've had in a very long while. We had no commitments to be anywhere or to do anything.

Saturday, I splurged and had a massage. On the way home, I picked up a pizza (a rare treat for me, since it's digestively risky - lactose intolerance). After, my son and I did some clothes shopping (mostly for him, but I picked up a couple of humorous t-shirts and some socks for myself). In the evening, my husband and I watched a rented movie. Sunday, was a very lazy day. In the early evening we went out to the movies (B & K saw "Balls of Fury" - which they both said was a waste of time. I saw "Hairspray" which I enjoyed.) We picked up "Wild Hogs" from Blockbuster on the way home, which we all really enjoyed. Today has also been pretty lazy. I made pancakes from scratch for breakfast. K and I had a brief visit to the YMCA pool. I baked pumpkin-oat muffins that I'll take for breakfast this week. Later on I took a nap.

I decided to grill some fish for dinner. While I was on the patio, I noticed that I had a bit of light green company on the back of one of our plastic chairs. He'd been there for a long while before I noticed him. He seemed like a pretty laid back guy.

We'll probably watch another movie together this evening, probably something we recorded on TiVo.

Work looks tolerable this week. My big project has slowed down to a manageable pace. Plus, my boss leaves Thursday for a week and a half.

Life can sometimes be very good. Just ask the frog.


Summer said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love when we have no place we need to "be". I love the frog! We have toads and our dog loves to find them and bark at them. I couldn't get your balloon link to work :(

briwei said...

Great weekend! Wish I could say the same. Maya and I were both sick. :( Still, we got a lot done around the house.