Thursday, September 27, 2007

Plague boy doesn't like pink

My son called me at work today to report that he had "a bunch of red itchy dots" on his arm and stomach. I sort of figured out what it was, but I told him that we would look at them this evening after we got home. So, somehow, my 'less than outdoorsy' teenager managed to get poison ivy.

When we told him that we needed him to put this pink lotion stuff on the dots to make them stop itching and spreading he was less than thrilled. I mentioned that I thought the lotion came in a green color as well, that sounded more appealing. Too bad though, since the pharmacist said the pink was better. So, that's what my husband went with.

So, kiddo, be assured in your manliness and live with the pink!

1 comment:

briwei said...

Damn straight! What's wrong with pink?