Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pass the Guinea Pig

I know I just mentioned Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. However, I think this is now my favorite 'unwind' show. Tonight, I queued up his show on Ecuador while I ate my chicken breast and salad. You may wonder how one could eat while watching his show. Sometimes, I wonder too.

The most interesting aspects to the Ecuador show were guinea pigs and shamans. First, apparently guinea pigs are raised as food animals in Ecuador. Andrew went to a restaurant where you get to pick out your 'dinner'. He's a great sport about this type of thing. And, while he compared it to picking your own lobster out of the tank he did refer to his guinea pig as 'Fluffy'. However, he did thoroughly enjoy the cooked rodent.

The next most interesting piece in this episode was when he went to a shaman to have the evil spirits removed from him. The guy had him strip down to his skivies. Then, he did all sorts of weird things to him, including spitting hooch on him, beating his nearly naked body with a poisonous plant which raised hive-like welts all over Andrew's skin, and then nearly setting Andrew on fire by spitting alcohol at him while holding a candle in the stream of alcohol.

I forgot to mention the lemon ants and the coconut larvae. And why wouldn't this be great dinner entertainment, I ask you?

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