Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A foody "would you rather"

I applaud Dr Momentum's semi-regular postings on Would you rather. I find them rather enjoyable and usually thought provoking. My readership is MUCH smaller than his. However, I hope to hit closer to home hear for many of you.

I am an admitted Foody! The width of my butt is testament to that fact. However, currently, I'm trying to conform to the straight and (cringe) narrow. That said, let us indulge in one of my favorite fantasies...

If you were granted the ability to eat one of the following, forever, without suffering any negative consequences (long term health or short term jean size), but you would have to give up the other completely to reap the benefits, which would you choose:

  • salty foods or sugary foods

  • 'white death' carbs (rice, bread, potatoes, cake, cookies) or dairy (ice cream, cheese, milk shakes)
  • fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Chinese take out, etc.) or home made fatty foods (mac & cheese, fried chicken, REAL mashed potatoes, bacon, etc.)
  • salty foods (from pickles to potato chips) or alcoholic beverages (from beer to wine to cognac to martinis)
  • meat in all its wondrous varieties or fruits and vegetables in all their wondrous varieties.

I'll post my own preferences in a comment for the pairs.


Kitten Herder said...

OK. Here are MY choices for each tempting pair, bearing in mind that in order to get away with the choice of one, I'd have to completely give up the other.

-salty foods
-extremely tough choice - dairy though, as long as ALL ill effects were wiped out
-home made junk wins over fast food junk. I far prefer my own mac & cheese to KFC chicken (which I do adore, mind you)
-another tough choice - if my insomnia and chronic pain issues were not a factor (it's a fantasy right?) I'd pick salty. If I wouldn't gain a billion pounds and suck the lips off my face, I could eat three pounds of salt and vinegar chips in an evening.
-meat ... any meat verses fruit and veggies ... and no negative impact on short or long term health from my choice ... er ... um ... OK! YES .. MEAT! (screams the former vegetarian)

Cobwebs said...

I'm with you on a couple of 'em.

- I'd definitely pick salty.

- I can't imagine life without rice and mashed potatoes, so I'd have to give up dairy.

- We don't each much fast food as it is, so that's a no-brainer. (And my homemade mac&cheese is superior anyway.)

- I think I'd have to give up the salty foods in this instance. I loves me some beer. Also I make my own beer, and I'd miss that.

- Wow. There's a lot more variety in fruits and vegetables, but I'd probably have to choose meat as well. Life without fried chicken is not worth living.

briwei said...

The sweet vs salty is really hard. Where do sweet and salty foods fit? If I could still have those sweet and salty sauces but not traditional sweets, I'd go with salty.

Next category would have to be dairy if I could still have whole grains. i.e. brown rice, whole wheat, etc. Otherwise, I gotta have my carbs.

Fast food for the convenience factor.

Salt again. What would happen if I chose sweet above and salt here? A loophole?

Veggies edge out the meat. I like meat, but I love to roast veggies, stir fry them, and cook them into sauces. I could learn to get protein another way.

changejunkie said...

My picks:

salty foods
white foods
salty again
fruit and veggies (although that was a tough one, given my addiction to BBQ) there is just so much variety in fruits and veggies

Kitten Herder said...

The choices are singular scenarios. So, prefering Salt in one does not preclude you from not picking it in another scenario.

I think my preference for dairy over carbs is two fold. First, I have digestive issues with dairy right now, and I LOVE dairy. So, I'd be willing to give up carbs if my digestive issues with dairy were going. Second, I love real butter, and I cannot really enjoy rice and potatoes or fresh bread without real butter, so I'd just rather not bother with those lovely things if I couldn't enjoy them fully.

barbie2be said...

sugary foods

dairy (ice cream, cheese, milk shakes)

home made fatty foods (mac & cheese, fried chicken, REAL mashed potatoes, bacon, etc.)

salty foods (from pickles to potato chips)

meat in all its wondrous varieties