Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hurricane season

Much of the country has been experience drought conditions this year. New England is no different. We haven't been as hard hit as many parts of the country, but we also haven't had tons of rain this year either (minor spring flooding aside). So, I really was not too put out when the rain rolled in this afternoon. Then, I noticed that it seemed a bit windy as well.

Apparently, this big wet blow is the remnants of late-season hurricane, Noel. I didn't realize that hurricane season in the north Atlantic runs from June 1 to November 30, with a statistical peak around September 10. My in-laws always talked about having their boat out of hurricane-prone waters between May and October. Maybe that's the insurance companies version of hurricane season (insurance issues being my in-laws' concern).

I was even a bit surprised that we had made it down to the letter "N" with hurricane names this year. I guess I just wasn't paying attention. It turns out that of the named storms this year, only five have turned into full blown hurricanes so far. Last year had only five full blown hurricanes as well, but we only got up to the letter "I" in names. Both years are in barely noticeable in contrast to the 2005 hurricane season when we had fourteen full fledged hurricanes, and we had six storms beyond the letter "Z".

But remember folks, global warming is just a sensationalistic scandal perpetrated by left wing scientists who want to distract you from more important issues, like how important it is to help our economically strapped oil industry.

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