Thursday, November 01, 2007

I couldn't just post that, now could I?

OK. I knew that today would have at least a NaBloPoMo posting, however I feel that it would be bad form (and far from the spirit of the commitment) if that was all I posted today.

So, what are the 'hot topics' of my life that I could delve into this month, if the ridiculousness of the news were not inspiration enough?

Things that have my interest right now, for one reason or another:

  • School
  • Upcoming holidays
  • Upcoming election
  • Card making for the holidays (as soon as school is over, right before Turkey Day)
  • Books I am reading, or have recently read
  • My brothers and the entre they could each provide me to Europe.
  • How cool my brothers are and my unique relationship with each of them.
  • The future of my career
  • Odes to friends that I don't see enough

Things I could whine about, but refuse to give into for very long:

  1. My back
  2. My weight (up 10 pounds since this time last year)
  3. My crappy commute

There's no positive direction that I could take any of those topics, right now. So, I think I'll leave them alone unless something starts looking up on one of those fronts.

But, as you can see, I think I have plenty of fodder. It should be a mentally invigorating month.

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briwei said...

I think you could have gotten away with that, but I'm a slacker. ;-)