Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hot as Hell's Kitchen?

We watch very little 'mainstream' television. I was amused to discover that the number 10 show in last week's ratings is one we watch: Hell's Kitchen

What is the attraction for us? Is it that Gordon Ramsey comes off as a complete jerk? Is it that the contestants seem so clueless that you wonder how they made the cut to even get on the show? Is it the fact that my son and I love cooking shows in general?

Um ... YES?!

For the most part, we stay away from realty television. However, we love watching Chef Ramsey yell at the contestants like they're complete idiots. We love it when one of them actually manages to please the jerk. We REALLY love it when one of them screws up so royally that Ramsey threatens to throw them out of the kitchen (and sometimes does). Will they complete the evening's dinner service? Will the self-absorbed conceited culinary artist learn to be a team player and/or learn to bend to the will of the Chef? Will the wide-eyed newbie rise to the pace of Hell's Kitchen?

We recorded this evening's season finale. So, I don't yet know whether Petroza (the sweet tempered slob) or Christina (the under-experienced culinary student) won the day. I'm rooting for Petroza. Christina was easily overwhelmed in early episodes. And while she won more individual challenges, Petroza kept his head and maintained an even keel throughout almost every episode (though Chef threw him out of the kitchen in one episode, and he had to be convinced by another contestant to come back and try again.)

Mindless waste of time? Probably. But, it's one of our guilty pleasures. Plus, I think it's fun (in a sick kind of way) to watch someone else get stomped on for minor screw ups, after spending a day at work feeling either under-appreciated or embarrassed for messing something up that you should have known better than to do.


barbie2be said...

oh, girl... i have so many mindless time wasters.

so you think you can dance
the next food network star
top chef
americas next top model
legally blonde, the search for elle woods
she's got the look (ANTM for over 35's)
dancing with the stars

Summer said...

I also enjoy Hell's Kitchen although I like Ramsey. Sure he can be a jerk but I've also seen him be kind and have genuine feelings for the chefs. Have you ever watched his Kitchen Nightmares? It's also pretty good and boy can he rag on those people but also wants to help them succeed. It returns this fall. Plus if you enjoy something it's not really wasting time! :)