Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interesting week coming, but will miss the weekend

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. It started off on a bit of a down (see Friday's post). However, I still managed to do some things that I wanted to do.

One huge downer, I scanned the episode synopses for the BBC's Robin Hood series and discovered that one of the main characters will die in a couple of episodes. Also, I scanned the synopses for the BBC's Doctor Who. And, while Rose is briefly back, the real Doctor loses her again ... to a mortal version of himself (his choice actually ... but still a slight bummer).

The most interesting aspect of the upcoming week is that I am hand carrying Goblin's resume to my HR department tomorrow. Goblin is in the market for a new job. Oddly enough, a job in his field was posted on Friday. We would both really like him to get the position. However, it would be VERY odd to commute an hour each way every day together. We probably wouldn't see each other during the day otherwise (3000+ employees, different circles of interest and all). Still...

Lots of utter crap on the horizon for my own job this week.

Also, studying for the CISSP is not going all that well. I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't register for a fall class, so I can focus on studying and be free to studying for my second attempt come November. While I know this sounds defeatest, I think it may be preventative realism. If I don't pass it on the first shot at the end of September, I know I can pass it on the second attempt, if I have time to focus on my weak areas.

Growl, grumble, whine. I have really been looking forward to the class I was going to take in the fall (Aging in Society). I'm dreading the class I need to sign up for in January (Health Care Finance). However, I REALLY need to get my CISSP so I can have more jobs to pick from.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate certifications? I really do. However, I've gotten to the point in my career where I need one to move forward.

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